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Etiquette Training & Consulting

services for youth & adults to navigate through social and business settings

with confidence and ease.

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Let's Meet

I'm Suzette, A Certified Etiquette Consultant

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When I planned my wedding many years ago, I became obsessed with learning "proper" etiquette for the occasion. I spent my lunch time and hours after work pouring over Emily Post books on the floor of Coliseum Books at Columbus Circle in NYC. I wanted to know how my invitations should be printed and addressed. I needed to know how my guest tables should be set. I had to know everything about entertaining my wedding guests properly. I went on to host many more events, weddings and trips over the years, implementing what I learned from experience and teachings from leaders in the industry. In 2017, I started my first business  in Event & Wedding Planning (Envisioned Events by Suzette, LLC) and my second business in Travel (Envisioned Travels by Suzette) in 2018. In my businesses, I've had to properly advise my clients on their domestic and international celebrations, business meetings and travel excursions, incorporating best practices in etiquette as it related to their locales.


All of this experience ran parallel to my corporate careers in Human Resources Management and Legal for major financial services companies, law firms and high net worth individuals. My undergraduate education at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, majoring in Human Resources Management, along with my Masters of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary, prepared me to apply my knowledge in practice. I had to train and advise my teams, business partners and communities on best practices for success in the work place and beyond. Professional development was essential. 

My training and education have continued to date and includes me being a Trained & Certified Etiquette Consultant through The Swann School of Protocol. My commitment to sharing my knowledge and experience with others so that they can be successful in their respective arenas has led to the formation of Etiquette Speaks, LLC. Success is when preparation meets opportunity, so I created my company so that youth, teens, college students, college graduates and adults from all backgrounds can learn how to present themselves confidently, in any setting and not feel embarrassed or awkward. Confidence is key so we offer dining etiquette, business etiquette, social etiquette and wedding etiquette courses to equip you. I will also speak to your constituents and write for your publications to get the message out to larger audiences.  I am passionate about what I do and I enjoy doing it. So join the Etiquette Speaks Tribe!




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